# Popular Altair GraphQL plugins

You can find published Altair GraphQL plugins by searching npm (opens new window) for the "altair-graphql-plugin-" prefix. You can learn how to use the plugins in Altair.

These are a few of the most commonly used plugins.

# altair-graphql-plugin-graphql-explorer

🧑‍💻 Created by XKojiMedia (opens new window)

This brings the infamous GraphiQL explorer (opens new window) from OneGraph to Altair GraphQL Client.

# altair-graphql-plugin-json-to-csv

🧑‍💻 Created by Isaac Vazquez (opens new window)

Easily convert the JSON response to CSV using this plugin, which adds a "Download CSV" button in the result pane.

# altair-graphql-plugin-tracing

🧑‍💻 Created by XKojiMedia (opens new window)

Apollo tracing visualization for Altair GraphQL client. Ported (retrofitted) from GraphQL playground (opens new window)