# altair-express-middleware

npm express

You can use Altair with an Express server using altair-express-middleware (opens new window).

This is an Express middleware for mounting an instance of Altair GraphQL client.

# Installation

This is a node module and can be installed using npm:

npm install --save altair-express-middleware

Alternatively, if you are using yarn (opens new window):

yarn add altair-express-middleware

# Usage

import express from 'express';
import { graphqlExpress } from 'graphql-server-express';
import { altairExpress } from 'altair-express-middleware';

import { schema } from './schema';

const server = express();

// Mount your GraphQL server endpoint
server.use('/graphql', bodyParser.json(), graphqlExpress({

// Mount your Altair GraphQL client
server.use('/altair', altairExpress({
  endpointURL: '/graphql',
  subscriptionsEndpoint: `ws://localhost:4000/subscriptions`,
  initialQuery: `{ getData { id name surname } }`,

// ... the rest of your code ...

An instance of Altair GraphQL Client would be available at /altair of your server.